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Dogz Thinkz Differentz: Helping to resolve the confusion with dog training terminology

And how they think differently from how most of us think they do…

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Who is this book for?

Pet owners - Are you fed up with your dominant or stubborn dog? Do you have a puppy or rescue who needs socialising? Are you worried about using treats to train? Perhaps you have a dog who hates the vacuum? Are you confused by all the different tips people have been throwing at you? Then this book is for you. Each topic is a quick 2 page read and will point you in the right direction.

Pet Behaviourists and Trainers - This book will be helpful for your clients and others you work with in the dog world, from dog walkers to vets. Just send them this wee book to help them get a better understanding of dominant, stupid and stubborn dogs.

Others working with dogs - perhaps you work in the business and consider dogs to be dominant or stubborn. Please give this a wee read. Hopefully you'll find it interesting.

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What is Dogz Thinkz Differentz about?

Do you think dogs are stubborn? Are you confused by socialisation? Perhaps you're worried about allowing your dog on the sofa? Or perhaps you work in the dog business and have clients asking you these questions. Perhaps you're already 'in the know' but have someone with whom you would like to share this new understanding of dog behaviour?

It’s interesting, although perhaps not surprising, that the perception of how dogs think differs between pet owners and those trainers and behaviourists who have been studying and learning more about canine brains and behaviour over the past 20 years or so. Knowledge has advanced, but the general public perception largely remains embedded in tradition. Dog whisperer techniques for pack reduction and asserting dominance over pets is thought by many to be the right approach. The thing is, that whilst some of the aspects of each of these approaches may seem to work, they frequently have adverse effects on our dogs too. Approaches such as pinning, choke chaining, ignoring your dog when you come home and eating before your dog can serve to cause more fear, more pain, further confuse our pets and decrease the bond that we may have with them.

The knowledge of canine brains has significantly developed recently. We now know that there is no need for any painful punishment, no need to pin or jerk our pets - or worse!. We know that ignoring our dogs can have adverse effects, and eating before them has no effect whatsoever.

So how do dogs think then? We'd love to share this new knowledge with you, to help you to get inside your dogs' heads and really comprehend what they're thinking. Whole new helpful approaches will then open up for you. This book has been written by Anna Patfield ( and, Helen Hitchings, Mandy Daveridge ( and Natasja Lewis (

This short (hopefully fun!) note is a wee preview into the booklet which aims to help to share some of those fundamental differences.

Hope you enjoy

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