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Dog and Puppy Behaviour and Training Books

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This new puppy training book is just excellent. It's easy to read and there's plenty of humour amongst the great advice on offer.
Jean Donaldsons Culture Clash provides an excellent outlook on the relationship between man and dog. She explains various behaviour problems and how to treat them. The dog training section offers really clear advice on how to take your dog from puppy level to "university" grade.
The Coppingers book is a must for anyone trying to understand why dogs do what they do. It offers fascinating new ideas and understandings for dog behaviour, based on scientific and evolutionary principles.
How Dogs Learn explains the basic principles of behaviour and how to apply these in teaching your dog new skills, figuring out what's going on and eliminating unwanted behaviours.
Barry Eaton's - Hear, Hear! is an excellent book to help you in training your deaf dog.
Believe or not, this book is not about dog training! Well, not directly! It simply explains how behaviour and learning are associated and describes the principles behind clicker training.
Aggressive Behaviour in Dogs is a serious read, and not for the faint hearted! But, if you really want to understand how to deal with dog aggression, read this!
How to Stop your Dog Barking.

Terry Ryan explains the many reasons for barking and helps you to build your own behaviour and training program to stop your dog barking. A great small book, easy to read and amusingly written.

Dominance in Dogs by Barry Eaton

An excellent book offering clear discussion on the controversial topic of whether dominance and pack hierarchy still apply to our pet dogs

Your Dog and Baby

This is an excellent book on preparing your dog to be able to behave well with your new baby.

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