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Dog Behaviour, Training and Nutrition Books

There are so many books on dog behaviour, training and now, dog nutrition, that it's truly difficult to know where to start. Help is at hand here.

Next here are the books written by Anna Patfield, Behaviourist at Pawsability and below are links to books with in-depth reviews.

The Good Dog Diet

The Good Dog Diet book
The Good Dog Diet clearly explains the science of dog nutrition. It covers everything from how food is digested and processed to discussion on all of the myths and truths surrounding dog food.
The book especially focusses on the topic of food and whether and how it may effect behaviour.

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Dogz Thinkz Differentz

Dogz Thinkz Differntz book
Dogz Thinkz Differentz is about helping to clarify much of the confusion within dog training and behaviour. The book discusses whether dogs can be dominant or stubborn, how to properly deal with socialisation (what it is and what it's not), explains the difficulties with treat training concerning dogs considered stupid etc.

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House Training Your Puppy

puppy house training book
And here is a wee guide on house training puppies which covers not only all of the basics but also provides tips and guidance for those dogs who have had a relapse or are proving very difficult to house train.

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Detailed Book Reviews on recommended books

when pigs fly book
An excellent book to work through when we think recall training or getting attention is just impossible. Read an in-depth review of When Pigs Fly here.