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the good dog diet
The Good Dog Diet clearly explains the science of dog nutrition. It covers everything from how food is digested and processed to discussion on all of the myths and truths surrounding dog food.
The book especially focusses on the topic of food and whether and how it may effect behaviour.

Read more about understanding dog food or follow the links here.

Small Animal Clinical Nutrition

This is a weighty book in both senses of the word. It covers everything about small animal nutrition covering all the details on food and digestion including age and health needs from cancer to kidney issues.

The Epigenetic Revolution

Understanding what epigenetics is and how it works is clearly explained in this easy to read book. There are so many books and references out there and many seem to have taken a tiny piece of knowledge and extrapolated way beyond what we actually know. Hence the need to read this book, so that we can determine where the truth lies.

The Psychobiotic Revolution

Another easy to read and essential text to enable us to determine what's truth and what's myth with what we read. The book clearly explains what the microbiome is, how it can affect us, what we can and can't do about that today and where the future studies are going. The critical aspect of this book is in the title - looking at potential microbiome treatements for depression and anxiety amongst others.

Follow Your Gut

This is an excellent primer to help the reader understand all the basics on the Microbiome. You can see from the other summaries on this page that I'm striving for the truth. It's so very easy to get carried away with a grain of information and it seems that many of the "fix your gut" books may indeed be doing that. Reading Follow Your Gut will help you to identify validity in other texts on the subject. There's a full synopsis on the book in my blog, here.

Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism (2nd Ed)

This is an old version of this book, but still an excellent starting point - and is cheap! It goes into significant detail on nutrition to the chemical / molecular level.

If you want to spend the money and get bang to date information , please have a look at the 5th Ed.

Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism (5th Ed)

Much more expensive than edition 2 but also much more up to date. I've not read this, but feel assured that it will be a good read. It includes significantly upto date information on epigenetics and diet.

Vitamins and Minerals Demystified

A clear and simple understanding on what vitamins and minerals do. how much we need, whatand how gets changed by processing and which foods to get each nutrient from.

Biochemistry Demystified

And if you're a gluton for punishment and want to know how cells work and how nutrients are transported across cell walls, and the nitty gritty detail of food digestion, then this is the book for you.

Raw and Cooked balanced recipes

Moneca Segal's books and recipe sheets are the only books I've come across so far that provide scientifically balanced recipes for both cooked and raw home prepared food.