Pawsability Services Costs and Payment

During Covid, we altered our pricing structure to provide more flexible options, which we have continued. Video meetings help keeps your costs down.

However, home visits are now available too, depending on where you live. The costs are indicated below.

Please simply contact us if you have any questions on the best help options for you and your dog or puppy.

How much does it cost for Behaviour Help?

A quick chat - for about up to 15 mins costs only £15.
An in-depth on-line behaviour consult costs £80 for about 2 hours (which can be split into multiple calls). What we cover in this time is dependent on the complexity of your dog's problems. Sometimes we can put a whole programme in place, but for more complex situations we usually complete the foundation process. This foundation process changes many things in the dogs life and with a little settling in time, that may be sufficient. More complex situations benefit from more follow up sessions which are charged at £30 each (usually about an hour). There is also a 10% discount for booking four hours, split as necessary.

Home Visits are calculated on a case by case basis. However, as a rough guide, a home visit in Inverness which lasts for 2 hours and includes 2 hours pre or post video / phone support is £150.

How much does it cost for Puppy Help?

Puppy help plans are very flexible. Similarly to the above, we can set up a quick chat, an hours help for more in-depth discussion and then any other amount of time you wish. This can help with pre-puppy planning and all of the puppies first weeks and months. Costs are thus from £15, quick chat, £40 per hour for the 1st 2 hours, £30 per hour after. Again discounts are available for multiple appointment bookings

How do I pay?

You can pay here using PayPal either with or without a PayPal account or you can pay by bank transfer (details will be sent directly)

Phone / Video Help