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Dog Behaviour Help by Video and Phone

We have been helping people and their dogs over the phone and by video for a long time now. This is obviously the only option during covid shut down.

Why did we start helping folks remotely?

Living in the remote Highlands, it can be truly difficult to obtain things, so I thought that I'd make getting help easier for you, and offer to help you remotely. The chances are that you've been looking on-line, reading dog books, or watching TV programs, and talking to the neighbours. The chances are that either you're now very confused or really not confident that you're heading in the right direction. Or you've just 'tried everything', and don't know what to do now.

Another thing that occurred to me was that I get a number of calls where people phone saying that they're just looking for some advice. That's fine really, but how many people would like to do that but don't because they think they're imposing on someone's time for free? Quick-Chat is just right for you.

The service is primarily for the Highlands, however, there's no reason why I can't help further afield. Please have a look below for more information. Then I look forward to chatting with your and helping you to get moving in the right direction with your dog.

Here's what Lauren and Hugo say:
We are getting along really well and are continuing to use the methods we discussed. We are continuing to reward Hugo with treats etc for good behaviour and he really has improved heaps.
He very rarely growls now. The only time he ever seems to do it is some mornings on the bed and also he has done it a coupe of times to my dad when he has approached me but we just gently show him his place and he never try's to challenge us and just stops and goes back to his happy self.
I can even approach him now when he's sleeping! He was sitting in his bed last week and he let me give him a cuddle before bed which he just wasn't doing before at all.
We've made sure that Hugo doesn't feel we are going to take the things he enjoys away and it seems to really have worked.
On Monday we are starting training classes which I feel will benefit Hugo in a social and mental stimulation aspect. We have also looked into joining a dog agility club once the training course finishes

All this following just a phone consult!! Most of the time I find that pet owners just need some help with understanding the basic process and help with understanding the benefits of applying management in conjunction with specific training tasks. In this case, we did some exercises to help Hugo learn that "approach" was a good thing and nothing to feel threatened about.

Most obvious questions:

But surely, you need to see my dog?

Undoubtedly, this would be preferred. However, sometimes that just isn't practical. Or sometimes, you may want to have some confidence in deciding whether to invest more time and money in one to one behaviour sessions - with me or with someone else. Getting some help over the phone is much more preferable to floundering around at a loss not knowing which way to turn.

How much does it cost?

Please go here to see our costs and options for payment for all services

Can I start by phone and then meet you?

Yes. In fact, that may be a good way to go. That way, much of the process can be explained remotely, and following that when we meet, that time can be fully dedicated to training.

Can every dog behaviour problem be fixed this way?

No. But, what we will certainly be able to do is to ensure that you're on the right tracks. Many times, even with the most complex cases, it is beneficial to work on fundamental foundational changes before 1-1 help would definitely be needed.

Is phone help right for everyone?

Again no. Communication is without doubt much better face to face and paw to
paw. For dog behaviourist appointments, please look here.

How to organise your phone help

Quick-chat: if you'd just like a short call to check that you're heading in the right direction and for some quick advice, then please, email here, let me know when you're available, and your contact details. We'll arrange a time to chat and payment will be organised. Do feel free to phone now, if that's better for you. I may be available.
Remote-consult: For fully in depth and considered behaviour advice, then we need to set up a longer appointment. We need to allow about an hour, although the 1st call may not take that long (if not then your time can be split over multiple calls). Please email here, let me know when you're available, and your contact details, and then when we have an appointment set up, payment will be arranged.

Any other questions?

Please email here