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About Dog Behaviour Consultations

To set up a consultation, please simply contact us by phone or email. We'll take a few details and check up on your actual requirements, discuss the best options for you, explain the procedure and costs and set up an appointment which is convenient for you and your family. We usually also send out a questionnaire.

What happens at the consult?

Covid update
Home visits can now be arranged, where we check in close to the appointment to ensure all round health. Video or phone meetings are also continuing. Please just get in touch for further information.

Behaviour sessions usually last for about 2 hours and cover:
Step 1: Behaviour Analysis Phase

You, your dog and me, meet up and discuss the problems that you're having with your dog. We look at this from both your perspective and through your dog's eyes. Firstly, we analyse the problem, or problems. Many times when a dog is misbehaving, there are a number of inter-relating things going on in the dog's life.
Our approach is holistic - what that means is that we look at the dog as a whole - considering how the dog feels about life in general, and obviously too, considering how they feel when incidents happen.

STEP 2: Why the problems are happening.

Next I'll help you to understand why the problems are happening. This helps you to understand things from your dog's perspective, to understand why he's confused or scared, looking at what instigates the problem and why he's continuing to repeat unwanted behaviours.

STEP 3: Building the Behaviour Modification Plan

This usually looks at 4-6 different areas, and devises changes, exercises, management, training and other things to help you to progress as effectively as possible.
Dog Training is generally a crucial part of the process. Here we look at why the training you've already done doesn't always work and devise training exercises to overcome those issues.

You'll know what needs to be changed
Our aim is for your to leave the session with a full understanding of the behaviour process, what it is you need to do, and how to go about that by yourself.
Thus, a large part of the consult is about helping you to truly understand what is affecting your dog, and why, about helping you to understand the concepts of what needs done and how to carry out the tasks and changes that are needed.

You'll have a better understanding of the fundamentals of dog training and how to be successful
Training generally forms a significant part of the programme. We help you to understand what to do, where to start and how to progress. Generally, we make a start at some of the exercises at the time too, so you will have a chance to practice.

Training and behaviour guidance notes are provided, as relevant which accompanies your personal behaviour program report follows soon after.
You make a start at the various exercises and continue to build on your plans.
We have regular phone calls or email reviews.

Two hours free phone / email support is included in the price for face to face meetings(to be used within 3 months). We strongly advise that you make good use of this service. Here, we can discuss progress, and ensure that your dog is making good progress.

Sometimes, additional steps are required, or additional aspects benefit from help. We may recommend a local trainer to help you with that, or of course, follow up sessions can be arranged. Or we may well be able to talk these things through, perhaps with some follow up notes.

About 10% of cases benefit from a follow up meeting.

For details of costs for our behaviour services, please go here.