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Client Testimonials?

Dee has come on leaps and bounds since our session with Anna. He no longer barks at everyone passing the house and now goes into his crate without getting upset. I would like to say a big thank you to Anna for all her help with Dee.
Mrs C, Aberdeen
Hi Anna
Did you wave a magic wand over J and C when I wasn’t in the room? I can’t believe the difference in them...... I have been really impressed with the advice and help you have given us – I was near to thinking of giving them away or getting J put down. THANKYOU
Mrs N, Perthshire
Thank you so much for your time on Wednesday. As the song goes "I can see clearly now...!" Everything makes sense now and it's great that there's a way forward - I must confess that I had got to the point where I didn't think "Freda" and I had a future together at all and now I know that she'll be with us till she heads to her happy hunting (scavenging!) ground.
Tiny Tina.....
Having had a Pyrenean in the past I knew that problems can arise with a large breed and this is why I contacted Anna at Pawsability for help and advice....... I knew that Anna would always be on hand to offer friendly advice if I wasn’t sure what to do.
Jack was 5 and a half year old black lab. He was scared of fireworks and reached the stage when he wouldn't go out in the dark. Sometimes he wouldn't go out in the daytime either and sometimes when out on walks, he'd just sit down and refuse to go any further - friends with cars had to be called to take him home.

Anna helped my black labrador Jack overcome his fear of the dark and walking a night. She provided an excellent service with expert advice. It is a pleasure dealing with such a professional company. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pawsability to anybody.
Jake is a 2 year old yellow labrador who really hated his time on car journeys, and was frequently sick.
Pawsability provided excellent one to one service both at the consultation and for ongoing support. Jake is now very much happier in the car, and is now a very happy dog.
Dixie is a lovely Border Terrier and had a long term problem of being very sick on all his walks.
Anna's advice has made a huge difference to Dixie. Although not completely cured, it is much less frequent and he is generally a happier and calmer dog.