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Aberdeen and near A96/North East

Many thanks for your interest in Pawsability Pet Behaviour.

Sorry, but I no longer do 1-1 help in Aberdeen. I may be able to help you over the phone / video.

Please go here for full information on dog behaviour help by video / phone.

For 1-1 help or classes in Aberdeen, please contact one of my colleagues below.

Recommended 1-1 Behaviour Colleagues

For 1-1 Behaviour Therapy Help, please contact

Ellen Gutjahr at - Paws4Life Scotland

Laura McCarthy - Pet Mind

Behaviourists - if you would like to be added here, please contact me.

Recommended dog and puppy training classes in Aberdeen

Puppy Training Classes :

Laura McCarthy - Pet Mind

Callimuir Canines

Awesome Paws

Dog and Puppy Classes - Rosemary Pirrie - Tel: 01330 811348

Behaviour Help by Phone/Video

If you're not sure about investing into a full dog behaviour program, or are just are just confused as to why your dog sometimes doesn't listen to you, then please have a look here for details on how you can get dog behaviour help by phone.