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how dogs think

It’s interesting, although perhaps not surprising, that the perception of how dogs think differs between pet owners and those trainers and behaviourists who have been studying and learning more about canine brains and behaviour over the past 20 years or so. Knowledge has advanced, but the general public perception largely remains embedded in tradition. Dog whisperer techniques for pack reduction and asserting dominance over pets is thought by many to be the right approach. The thing is, that whilst some of the aspects of each of these approaches may seem to work, they frequently have adverse effects on our dogs too. Approaches such as pinning, choke chaining, ignoring your dog when you come home and eating before your dog can serve fo cause more fear, more pain, further confuse our pets and decrease the bond that we may have with them.

The knowledge of canine brains has significantly developed over the recent past. We now know that there is no need for any punishment, no need to pin our pets - or worse!. We know that ignoring our dogs can have adverse effects, and eating before them has no effect whatsoever.

So how do dogs think then? We'd love to share this new knowledge with you. To help you to get inside your dogs' heads and really comprehend what they're thinking. Whole new helpful approaches will them open up for you.

This short (hopefully fun!) note is a wee preview into an upcoming free e-booklet which aims to help to share some of those fundamental differences.
Hope you enjoy

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Here's a wee taster of the areas of discussion in the book...

The phrase used… What Humanz think What Dogz think
He’s stubborn My dog knows what to do, he just choses to ignore me. But it’z a rabbitz!
He’s dominant My dog always jumps on me and pulls in front Heyz, I just wanna have a cuddle like we used to when I woz a puppy & wanna get to the park fast to play with my palz.
He’s stupid He just won’t learn anything How can I hear to you when therez so many exciting thingz going on
Just a little timid
He’s been in a shelter for a while and is just a wee bit shy
My world has closed down and I really can’t cope with new thingz
He hates cats He barks and runs after every cat I luvz catz. They runz, I chase.
He’s just play biting
It hurts a bit but it’s ok
But this iz how I playz with my dogz palz
He hates the posty He gets completely out of control at the window It’s greatz. He comez, I barkz, He goes! Givez me something to do…
It’s only a hoover Thing that clears hair from carpet But itz angry and noisy and it’s stealing my furz
He needs to socialise Take my dog to a place with other dogs and make them meet Well, I likz to take my time meeting otherz n hang back til I’m sure we’ll get alongz

©2017, Anna Patfield, & cartoon ©20017, Mary Kenny

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And please do read on below wher we cover some topics on how dogs perceive the world.

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