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It's just so important to get off to the right start with puppies.

Our essential puppy guides help you with

  • What to think about before you get a puppy: helping you to choose the right breed and breeder etc.
  • To make sure that you breeder is knowledgeable and is correctly helping your puppy through the very important early weeks
  • Understanding what's important for focus on first and how to help your puppy through their socialisation phases
  • How to train your puppy and where to look to find a good puppy class - and also to consider whether classes are right for you
  • And of course looking at what to do when your puppy seems to have picked up some bad habits. There are lots of free help notes and of course access to personal help.



Thankfully most of our adolescent and adult furry friends are just great. But sometimes they need a little help and sometimes more. Certainly however, all of them require at least the basics of training.

Whether you don't know where to start with training or needing a little help with pulling or are having real troubles with aggression or separation anxiety, I'd just love to help you and your dog to happiness.

Go here for dog training help, where you'll also find lots of free training tips such as

And go here if you think you're needing behavoiur help with your dog

Puppies can have behaviour problems too. To prevent puppy problems, or fix them, please look here.

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