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Puppy Training:

The health and happiness of your puppy is of utmost importance to us.

Click here for puppy training help in the Highlands, and also free puppy training notes or read more here>

Dog Behaviour:

Don't make mistakes with your dog's behaviour problems.

Click here for more info and for dog behaviour help from Inverness to Aberdeen and in the highlands. Or read more here>

Dog Training:

Find out how to talk to your dog!

Click here for free dog training notes and advice and for personal dog training help. Or, read more here>

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getting a puppy guide

Thinking of Getting a Puppy?

Helpful notes and guides on making the right decisions here.

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Puppy Training - Ardgay and nearby

Puppy Training
Free puppy training notes - for the most common puppy problems
Puppy Pet Shop

Lots of fun toys, and puppy training help in the puppy shop


Dog Behaviourist Help - Inverness, Aberdeen, Highlands and by phone...

dog behaviour help
Click here for dog behaviour help

Puppy's can bave behaviour problems too. To prevent puppy problems, or fix them, please look here.

Free Help with common dog behaviour problems  

Dog Training

Dog Training is not just about obedience. It's about helping your dog to understand you and about having fun.

Dog Training Help

Help with the most common dog training problems:

Help in the pet shop

Dog Training Aids help you to train your dog more quickly



Best Selling Dog Training Aids, Special Offers, and recommended products from the pet shop

The simplest way to stop your dog lead pulling...

gentle leader easy walk harness

The Gentle Leader
Easy Walk Harness

Kong Stuff a balls - 30% off!!

kong stuff a ball cheap

And 30% off dental sticks
and Kong Jumping Jacks

Stop your dog barking.


husher to stop dog barking

Hushers work well in conjunction with behaviour therapy

Keep your dog's teeth clean with dog toothpaste.

dog finger tooth brush

Dog Finger Tooth brushes are great for puppies

We're happy if your dog or puppy are happy!

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