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Before-Before you get your puppy - Choosing the right type of puppy for your present life style and situation and carefully selecting where to get your puppy from is now more crucial than ever. It's so easy to grab a pup off some internet page. But please seriously think about whether that pup is going to be as healthy and emotionallly balanced as it could be. Puppy farms are all over the place. And whilst many of us want our own dogs to have a litter, it's really important to know that who-ever is breeding your pup knows about inherited health problems and about early socialisation. Click here for more information on pre-puppy-help to ensure you get the best puppy.

Before getting your puppy - socialisation and "life" training starts before you even get your puppy. It's really important that your puppy is exposed to all sorts of noises and people at a young age - before they are even 7 or 8 weeks old. I'd therefore recommend selecting a breeder that is bringing the puppies up in the kitchen, or busy room in the house, with children and adults around. Once you get your puppy home, you then want to continue with safe socialisation. Even better, read up on The Puppy Plan and get your breeder to sign up. (This is a carefully thought through programme, developed by Carolyn Menteith for the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust, to ensure that puppies start off life with the right kind of experience.)

Just got my puppy - One of the very first considerations is Toilet Training - Careful planning helps to ensure that they learn about toileting places as quickly as possible. So, it's best to be organised here so that your puppy never actually needs to do the toilet when they're in the house. Crate training can help to both give your puppy a secure den area to sleep and rest in, and also to help to keep their paws crossed for just a little longer. Crate training is not about just keeping your house clean. Read on for more information about how to house train your puppy.

When to train your puppy - you should start to train your puppy as soon as you get them home. There's no point in waiting and letting them learn bad habits. The things that you'll need to be thinking about are

How to Train your Puppy - training your puppy to understand what you're asking, and to understand your house rules is crucial. So here, you want to consider the different phases:

Having puppy problems? - Many puppies can be quite difficult, perhaps with toilet training or being very bitey or not settling at night. Please don't expect your puppy simply to grow out of this. It's really best to stop behaviours before they develop in a kind and careful way. So please seek out the help of a good rewqrd based trainer or behaviourist to help you. Do ask questions about what methods they use. Be sure that you're happy.

How we can help you to train your puppy

Puppy Classes

Puppy Training Classes are generally for puppies of about 12 -16 weeks of age - but hey! we're in the Highlands and can't always have things as ideal as we'd like. So, the puppy classes are organised to suit the booked in attendees with socialisation, play and training organised in such a way to ensure that there's no bullying or scared puppies.

Classes are run in Ardgay (IV24) on an adhoc basis. So please do get in touch if you have a new puppy and would like to join classes in the area.

For more information on how to find a good puppy class, please look here

For puppy classes in other areas, please look here

1 to 1 / Private Puppy Training

Puppy 1 to 1 training and education sessions allow you the opportunity to really get your own questions and issues addressed to the fullest extent. Even if you're aleady going to or planning to go to classes, these session are an invaluable back up. They will

  • help you really understand what you're aiming for, and
  • help you to avoid the big (or small) pit falls, and
  • help to ensure that the wee light of your life doesn't turn into a wee terror.

1-1 puppy training and education sessions take place at the Pet Behaviour Centre in Ardgay or in your own home, generally, and last for about 2 hours.

After the session you will

  • understand how to train your dog - where you're starting from, and the steps you need to take to reach your goal.
  • how to avoid problems such as biting and chewing, jumping, pulling, and recall problems
  • ... or how to fix these if they are already causing problems
  • have a better understanding of what and how to feed your puppy
  • how to keep your puppy out of mischief
  • and have on-going free email or phone support to help your through the next few months

For more information, please do phone or email Anna.

Puppy Parties / Pre-School

Prevent your puppy turning into problem!

Puppy Pre-school is like play-school for puppies. It focusses on allowing your puppy to interact and play with the other puppies in the group. It's carefully managed - just like play-school - to ensure that there is no bullying and to allow the wee timid puppies to build their confidence. And the play is controlled so that the puppies will still listen to Mum (or Dad!).

Pawsability Puppy Pre-School is a short 3 week course, which aims to help you to really understand your puppy whilst also allowing your puppy to safely play with other puppies. We cover lots of important puppy topics such as toilet training, nipping and biting, jumping up, socialisation and make a start at training. We also start to teach your puppy manners, helping them to understand how we want them to behave in our big world.

The program is generally aimed at puppies up to 16 weeks with no more than 6 puppys per group.

Each week there will be time for questions and time to work on helping you out with your puppy's problems. It's all about helping you and your puppy - so the format is very flexible, focussing on questions and problems.

Puppy Workshops

This is a great start, and you can come along even before you have your puppy - or before your puppy has completed their vaccination program. There are no puppies at this particular group session. This allows us to really talk about and get to grips with your questions, issues, problems and concerns, without the puppies - or us - being distracted. The group session covers everything in the Puppy Early Learning private session, with the added benefit of hearing about other people’s questions and issues too. This is a prefect pre-curser to Puppy Pre-School or even for preparing for your puppy before you get them home.

The puppy education workshops are run on an adhoc basis in the most appropriate location, as and when sufficient people book in.

  • determine the main issues of the group
  • talk about all the aspects which you need to work on with your puppy to ensure they grow into happy and confident adults
  • provide a detailed understanding of what needs to be done to overcome your key issues
  • have an open discussion on any puppy questions and issues

The focus will be specifically on your puppy's early weeks, and are ideal for those who don't yet have their puppy, as well as those of you who have either just welcomed their puppy home, or for those who haven't quite managed to prevent all the problems.

  • No more than 6 people per workshop - to allow plenty time for open discussion.
  • Focussing on your questions and problems
  • Free Puppy Early Learning Workbook
  • £5 off a 1-1 training session

Puppy Help by phone and on-line

Anna is happy to answer your puppy questions.

  • Please post them on questions on facebook
  • Or look at our free training notes
  • Or take advantage of our Puppy Phone Line ..... This costs £25 and covers 2-3 phone calls (about an hour in total). Ofcourse this won't train your puppy and is no substitute for 1-1 time with your puppy. However, it will answer many of your questions, and can be a beneficial, and cost effective back up to your puppy training classes. To book a session, please phone or email us to arrange a suitable time. Payment is by Paypal or by phone, most cards are accepted. Your phone help is provided by our fully qualified expert - Anna Patfield BSc, CAPBT.

FREE Puppy Training Advice and Puppy Behaviour Help

We have so many pages of puppy training help notes now, that we've created an nice alphabetic index of all our free puppy training notes.


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