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Many thanks for your interest in Pawsability Pet Behaviour.

First the good news!! I am presently working on some very exciting projects including a couple of dog behaviour books and some exciting new breakthrough training ventures.

But now the sad news.... I have had to make the very tough decision to stop my 3 weekly Aberdeen visits. So, sadly I"m not able to help you with face to face help. Please see my dog behaviour colleagues here.

I am however running dog behaviour educational workshops or may be able to help you over the phone.

I am however running regular workshops. This is part of the exciting news. We all had so much fun and benefit from the recent Reactive Dog Workshops, that I've decided to run more. These workshops will

These workshops are then supported by group sessions and 1-1 sessions associated with the workshop topic and running on the same weekends.

The next workshop introduces the topic of behaviour problems in dogs and then an optional afernoon session covers Possessive Aggression and Resouce Guarding.

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The next workshop will be in September. Topics to be annouced, such as OCD, Barking, Diet and Behaviour

Please sign up to the workshop notification list here -

Behaviour Help by Phone

If you're not sure about investing into a full dog behaviour program, or are just are just confused as to why your dog sometimes doesn't listen to you, then please have a look here for details on how you can get dog behaviour help by phone.

NEWS - Next workshop in Aberdeen - May 2018

Reactive Dogs - click here

Recommended 1-1 Behaviour Colleagues

For 1-1 Behaviour Therapy Help, please contact

Ellen Gutjahr at - Paws4Life Scotland

Laura McCarthy - Pet Mind

Behaviourists - if you would like to be added here, please contact me.

Recommended dog and puppy training classes in Aberdeen

Puppy Training Classes : Billie Machel of Pawsitive Paws - 01651 862310 or

Dog and Puppy Classes - Rosemary Pirrie - Tel: 01330 811348

PINEFor recommendations for all local pet services in aberdeen and aberdeenshire please contact Pamela at
For behaviourists in other areas, please look at the COAPE Association of Trainers and Behaviourists - and click on Find a Behaviourist.
behaviour trainingLots of FREE helpful hints, tips and advice on dog training and dog behaviour can be found here, such as puppy house training or pulling on the lead.
coape association behaviour practitionerAnna is a CAPBT Practitioner and Mentor.
For dog behaviour consultations throughout the UK, please
look at for a professionally qualified behaviourist
Anna is a Dog Behaviourist AND Dog Trainer. Read why that's important here


the good dog diet bookAnna has a solid understanding of how a dog's diet can possibly affect their behaviour. This topic has been fully covered in Anna's wee book The Good Dog Diet
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