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Dog Behaviour Workshops - Sat 8th July 2017
am - Why Dog my Dog Have Behaviour Problems? and
pm - Resource Guarding / Possessive Aggression

Many thanks for your interest in my next workshop covering both dog behaviour problems in general and then focusing in on Possessive Aggression & Resource Guarding.

The format of the day is as follows:

Morning - Why Does My Dog?.... This is a general introduction to why dogs develop behaviour problems and what we can do to fix them. It will provide you with a good grounding on the general approach that I take to dog behaviour therapy and help you to make a start at developing your own behaviour plan. Most importantly, this will also answer all your confusion and consternation on the conflicting advice that you've been receiving. So if you're worried about using an electric collar or pinning your dog or have tried everything else you can think of and want to know what else you can do, then please do come an join us at this fun interactive and educational workshop. The morning session will help with any type of dog behaviour problem by helping you to understand how dogs brains work and how they perceive our world.

Afternoon - Here we go into more depth specifically looking at Resource Guarding and Possessive Aggression. This is a small workshop where we will go through the process of building your own behaviour programme step by step.

Thoughts on Resource Guarding:

dog guarding bonePossessive and Resource Guarding Aggression is one of the most common types of dog aggression and is particularly prevalent in some breeds.

It can be very difficult and confusing to understand. I mean, why, when you give your dog everything should they turn around and growl at you?

You've never punished them, so why should they think that you would?

They may growl or snap

Perhaps this started over a bone and has become gradually worse, or perhaps it only happens near their bed.

Anyway, if you have any of these or similar problems then this workshop is for you. Not only will you go away knowing what you need to do to stop the problem, but you'll also learn the steps you need to take to fix it. And, you'll also find that you're not alone. There will be plenty of time to chat with others and to learn about other's difficulties.

Each workshop is for you and will be customised to suit your needs and wishes - please do get in touch if there's anything you're worried may be missed.

Please see below for information on upcoming workshops and contact Anna on 07906173993 or by email for more information

The tutor is Anna Patfield, a qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist working in The Highlands and Aberdeenshire - Read more about Anna and her behaviour philosophy here.

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"But, I've tried everything!!" is a phase I commonly hear. So, why will this workshop help? Quite simply, this will help you to think completely differently about why your dog is behaving in this way. You'll really be able to get inside their heads and truly understand their little furry brains.

ABERDEEN - Sat 8th Jul 2017.

Ardene House Vets, Kingswells, Aberdeen

There are 3 options regarding this workshop weekend.

1. Attend the morning workshop only - Why Does My Dog?... This is as described at the top / left side of the page. The workshop runs from 10-12.30 pm. Cost £35.

2. Attend for the full day - Join a small group workshop in the afternoon where we focus specifically on Resource Guarding and Possessive Aggression and go into more detail and help you to develop individual detailed plans. This runs from 1.30-4pm and costs £85 in total.

3. Private 1-1 behaviour therapy sessions are also available this weekend either following the workshop or separately, please contact me for information.

Tickets £35 / £85

Please either pay via the paypal button or by bacs - bank details will be sent privately if you'd like to do that, please email me here

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Please note that coffee / tea / biccies are provided but please bring your own packed lunch if staying all day. Please also note that this workshop is for people, please don't bring your dog.

Sorry - this is no longer running, please sign up to the mailing list for September's workshop.



Where is it and how to get there:

Ardene House Veterinary Hospital,
Skene Road, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8PJ

Click here for location.

Testimonials from past workshops:

Thank you Anna, lots of info taken on board from my plan now. Great to meet and chat with others with reactive dogs.


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