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Our Dog Training Services


Dog Training Classes - are run by our qualified and experience dog behaviourist. The classes are small and run on an adhoc basis in Ardgay Hall. Our aims are:

  • to ensure that both you and your dog are happy and have fun
  • to help you to understand the whole training process
  • to help your dog to love to love to learn
  • customised to suit the need of the group
  • active!

Classes usually run for 4 weeks and cost £35.

1-1 dog training sessions - really help you to get to grips with the specific tasks that you want to teach your dog, and help you to understand why they're not listening to you. I promise you'll say "Oh! Is that it!". Private sessions can be

  • a short 30 minute session to e.g. teach your dog to stop pulling or stop jumping
  • a 1 hour training session to cover a couple of topics
  • a 2 hour session that covers all the training basics
  • or we can have some fun with tricks and fun
  • or perhaps you'd like to learn about clicker training
  • or can be a boost to help with your dog behaviour program

1-1 sessions start at only £15.

Rehabilitation Training Classes - if you've been working with a behaviourist on your dogs behaviour problems and need some extra help to train your dog in the presence of other dogs, then this is for you. Sessions can contain just 2 - 4 dogs and give you the opportunity to train in safety.

Dog Training Workshops - focus on specific issues such as pulling or recall. These are 4 hour sessions for groups of about 4 dogs and run on an adhoc basis.

Holiday Dog Training - can help with any wee issues that you're having with your dog, just like the 1-1 dog training. Why not book in a couple of sessions when you're in the area and go home with a better trained dog?

Where do we do dog training? Pawsability Dog Training help is available primarily in Ardgay (IV24) / Highlands at our dog training/behaviour centre, or at your home. Dog training help is also available in Aberdeen and Inverness for those difficult dogs that need a more understanding approach to their training.

To book an appointment or discuss your dog training questions, please contact our dog trainer here.

Our Dog Training Services


Are you having difficulty with your dog training?

Perhaps your dog is not listening to you? Well, mostly they do, unless there's another dog around, for instance? Or perhaps you've just rescued a dog and need to teach the basics. Or perhaps it's just time to train your dog.

Training your dog if really important. It's not just about obedience. It really is about helping your dog to understand how to live with us; how to realise what it is that you're trying to say to them. If they don't understand what you're asking of them, then life can be very confusing and perhaps even cause frustration or stress. Of course its best to go through life with your dog being able to just talk to them and they'll do what you want rather than shouting NO and telling them off all the time.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you be successful with your dog training:

Step 1: Understand what your trying to achieve

Step 2: Understand why what you're doing isn't working

Step 3: Teach your dog clearly what your want

Step 4: Practice

Step 5: Progress

Modern dog training is about helping your dog to want to do something using reward based methods. Punishment has no place in dog training these days. It really quite easy to help your dog to learn your language, and have fun and enjoy the whole training process. (Well, mostly - if you need dog behaviourist help, please look here)

Find our more about Anna's dog training and behaviour qualifications here.

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