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Dog Behaviour Workshops

Thanks for your interest in Pawsability Dog Behaviour Workshops.

These fun, friendly and highly interactive workshops will help you to

  • understand why your dog is not doing what you want them to do
  • get to grips with what's going on in their heads
  • resolve your confusion with all the conflicting guidance, hints and tips you've been given
  • develop clear plans to resolve your dog's problems
  • understand why whatever it is that you've been trying hasn't fully worked
  • know what you need to do to fix that
  • and to move forward in a new direction

There is always plenty of time for general Q&A at the end, PLUS - we then form a Facebook group where we can discuss any further questions and chat with each other.

Many of these workshops are dog free to ensure that we can completely focus on understanding the problems without being distracted by our furry friends. Practical and indepth courses are available following on from the workshops either in group session or on a 1-1 basis.

Please see below for information on upcoming workshops and contact Anna on 07906173993 or by email for more information

The tutor is Anna Patfield, a qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist working in The Highlands and Aberdeenshire - Read more about Anna and her behaviour philosophy here.

Numbers are limited on these workshops so please make sure you hear about them first by signing to our mailing list here -

Next Workshops

Nov - Sat in Inverness area - Diet and Behaviour

September - Aggresssion in Dogs Workshops

Sat, Sept 16th Sept - Aberdeen

Click here for information

Please subscribe to hear of dates in Inverness / Highlands and future workshops including 'OCD', 'Hyper-Activity', Introduction to Dog Behaviour, Reactivity, Nutrition, to name a few.

If you have a particular topic you'd like covered or would like to run a workshop for your group of friends, please email me.

Testimonials from past workshops:

Today's workshop was extremely useful - thank you!

Excellent, very informative. I am away from today feeling very positive and full of great ideas. Thank you so much.

Thanks Anna for a brilliant day. It was great to meet everyone and hear stories from people in the same situation.

Thank you Anna, lots of info taken on board from my plan now. Great to meet and chat with others with reactive dogs.

Please contact Pawsability at 01863 760004
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