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Dog Behaviour Workshops - Aggression in Dogs - September 2017

Many thanks for your interest in my next workshop on Dog Aggression.

The format of the day is as follows:

Morning - Foundations - Understand Why Your Dog is Aggressive and What you need to do to help them..... Many times we are just too close to our dogs and so in the midst of their problems that we just can't see what to do. The problem is... that the problem is just too big. This morning workshop will help you to look at your dog's problems from a different perspective. It will help you to really understand what's going on. And it will help you to understand why they are having problems and what it is that you need to do to help them. You will -

This is about helping you to set up a new footing - new foundations, if you like - and to move forward positively and confidently in your new direction.

Afternoon - Detailed Planning - A small group will gather in the afternoon to go into more depth about each dogs specific problems and we will build detailed behaviour programmes. You will leave with a step by step guide on what you need to do.

1-1 Behaviour Consult - If you can't attend the workshop or need specific 1-1 training help or are have more complex problems then private appointments are available this weekend at your home. These are most likely on the Sunday. Price depends on location and whether you attend the full or partial workshop.

Please not that this is not a workshop with dogs. It's about giving you the time to focus on the problems without being distracted by them. There are however a few spaces for 1-1 help after the workshop (see option 3).

What kinds of aggression will the workshop cover?

This workshop is looking at the issues from a scientific and psychological perspective. We cover all types of aggression from dog-dog aggression, dog-people aggression, touch-aggression, toy aggression, possessive aggression, fear aggression, dominance aggression. All of these will be fully explained and clarified.

Please see below for information on upcoming workshops and contact Anna on 07906173993 or by email for more information

The tutor is Anna Patfield, a qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist working in The Highlands and Aberdeenshire - Read more about Anna and her behaviour philosophy here.

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"But, I've tried everything!!" is a phase I commonly hear. So, why will this workshop help? Quite simply, this will help you to think completely differently about why your dog is behaving in this way. You'll really be able to get inside their heads and truly understand their little furry brains.

Workshop Costs

There are 3 options regarding this workshop weekend.

1. Attend the morning workshop only - This is as described at the top / left side of the page. The workshop runs from 10-12.30 pm. Cost £35.

2. Attend for the full day - Join a small group workshop in the afternoon where we go into more detail on your specific problems and build detailed behaviour plans. This runs from 1.30-4pm and costs £85 in total.

3. Private 1-1 behaviour therapy sessions are also available this weekend either following the workshop or separately, please contact me for information.

The Aberdeen workshop is held at Ardene House Vets, Kingswells.

Tickets £35 / £85

So sorry, this is now cancelled.

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Testimonials from past workshops:

....I attended the Pawsability Workshop, with a bit of concern that I'd look even more stupid than normal. The class was fun, interactive and really thought provoking. The difference in applying the Blue Brain technique has been transformational for both the dog and us. I'd recommend this course if you have any challenges with your doggies...

....Anna delivered a wonderful workshop and on entering, I immediately felt at ease and no longer alone. I came away with practical ideas I could implement straight away as well as lots of interesting theory to help me understand dog reactivity. The Facebook support page was useful too. My dogs are much more 'blue brained' than red now. A good bit to go, but we're making progress. Thank you Anna!

So... want to find out about all this Blue Brain Red Brain shenanigans?? Do come along n join the fun :)

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