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The Calendar of Dog Events in Scotland - About and How to Add Events

To add your event, please go to

google calendar

Dog Events in Scotland is a simple and straightforward site aiming to make is easy for everyone with an interest in doggy things happening in Scotland to either find out about or advertise events. At present, it's not about advertising classes, it's purpose is to advertise events like workshops, training days, fun events, agility, dog shows, field trials and other fun or informative events.

Currently, the site has a calendar which anyone can browse through. Simply click on the month or next month buttons to move through the calendar months, or click on the agenda button to see a list of events for each month. Then click on the events to find out more about each one.

Many events are also simply shared on the Facebook page or added to the events there, so please look there or add your events there too.

Would you like to add your event? If you would like to be able to add events, then

  1. you need to be registered to be able to update the calendar - please email us here, saying who you are. We will then review your details, and email you to let you know when you've been added.
  2. then you can click on the Google Calendar button and create a google account, or sign in to google if you already have an account.
  3. When you 1st sign in to google calendar, you will have your own calendar (everyone get's one), and will be asked to add the dog events scotland one to your list. Please do that.
  4. Then click on add event, and add the basic information about your event. NOTE - please make sure that you choose the dog events scotland calendar on the "which calendar" questions as you add your details.
  5. Please make sure that you include your email address, phone number or web name - sorry it's not possible to add link to your sites yet.

Please do contact us with any comments, or if you are having any difficulty with adding an event.

If you'd like to provide more than the basic details about an event, and don't already have your flyer or advert on a web site somewhere, then please email a jpg or doc or pdf to here, along with your details and we'll put that on a web page for you so that you can more readily share your details.


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