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Next Training Day - Sun 17th March £25 / £75(£100)

Who's this for?

We will be discussing the reasons behind anxiety and fear in dogs - past, present and future, and how to help them overcome their fears.

This dog behaviour talk covers:

The behaviour workshop then pulls all this together to build individual behaviour modification plans.

Here's a wee video about the talk and workshop

Here's some more information course.

Part 1 is a talk which covers

Part 2 is a practical workshop with a smaller group.

This helps everyone to build individual behaviour programmes. Building on the knowledge gained from the talk, we will spend time analysing specific problem behaviours, and individual lifestyles. Each person will go away with personalised worksheets and learn how to work through the plans and build on these are time progresses. These plans outline small, achievable steps, each moving you forward with your dogs behaviour problems and helping you reach your training goals.

There are 3 primary aims of these Fear and Anxiety in Dogs educational day

1. To help you to better understand why your dog is not coping in particular situations

2. To learn what to do to help them - and when and how.

3. To help you to learn how to have the resilience to cope with helping your lovely but difficult dog.

4. To allow you to discuss your problems with others, gain their support and realise that many people are struggling with the same problems that you are.

This is for people only - to help you plan out what needs to be done, with no dogs to be distracting us or to worry about.

These fun, friendly and highly interactive sessions will help you to

There is always plenty of time for general Q&A at the end, PLUS - there is the Facebook group for on going questions and discussion. Each workshop (full day) attendee also benefits from 1 hours free phone support.

Of course, there are some situations that are truly complex or that benefit personal 1-1 attention. Please see here for details on booking a private behaviour therapy session. These workshops allow you the option of choosing to work by yourself or enlist more help. They are useful as a precursor to 1-1 sessions or you can ofcourse choose to get 1-1 help straight away.

The tutor is Anna Patfield, a qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist working in The Highlands and Aberdeenshire - Read more about Anna and her behaviour philosophy here.

Booking is essential please. There are a maximum of 6 dogs owners at the afternoon workshop, so please book quickly.

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Please contact Anna on 07906173993 or by email for more information

The tutor is Anna Patfield, a qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist working in The Highlands and Aberdeenshire.

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About the Workshops

This interactive workshop will help you to understand

  • why your dog is being reactive or fearful or aggressive - (there are many reasons for this which will all be covered)
  • why whatever it is that you've been trying hasn't fully worked
  • what you need to do to fix that
  • how to build a behaviour programme
  • and how to work through that process
  • how to support yourself
  • and then post-workshop support via a chat group

The whole session is very much an interactive process.

This workshop is for you and will be customised to suit your needs and wishes - please do get in touch if there's anything you're worried may be missed.

There will also be a general Q&A - Ask me Anything!! at the end.

PLUS - support is continued through the Pawsabliity Reactive / Fearful Dogs Facebook Group. Here we can discuss any further questions and chat with others with similar problems.

How much does it cost? The full day workshop is £75/£100 for a couple helping 1 dog. If you wish only to come to the talk the cost is £25.

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What to I need to bring?

  • Teas and coffees will be provided, but please bring your own packed lunch, if appropriate.
  • Also, please bring along a note pad and pen.
  • If you've been using any training equipment that you're not sure about or want some information about, then please bring that along too.
  • You might also want to bring along a wee bit a cash - in case there's a raffle or some bargain books or toys for sale.

Or Join us here - Pawability Reactive / Fear Group

Of course, if workshops aren't for you and you'd like 1-1 behaviour help, then please do just get in touch - full info on private behaviour help here

Please contact Pawsability at 07906173993 or email
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