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Bird Dog Toys - only £4

swan bird dog toy


Thundershirts only £20

thundershirts only £20


Dog Training Aids

Products to keep your dog healthy

gentle leader easy walk harness

The Benefits of Dog Training Aids:

Dog Training Aids can really help you to reach your training goals more quickly. They can help with:

tick twister

How to keep your dog healthy:

Obviously, you want to keep your best friend in the peak of health. Looking after your dogs teeth, regular grooming, making sure you remove ticks safely, and healthy food are all important.


Top Seller : The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness

Top Seller: Tick Twisters to safely remove ticks

Dog Toys and Chews

Dog Walking Things


chocolate flavoured dog chew

Why are dog toys important?

Have a look at our great selection of specially chosen dog toys and chews. It's important that your dog has toys that they play with by themselves and toys to enjoy with playing with you.

Life is about fun, for you and your dog.

flashing dog collar

Tips for safe dog walking.

Choosing the right dog collar and lead is important. Most dog trainers prefer flat leads and collars. They're more comfortable for both you and your dog. Good quality is also important, and we really like our CANAC dog collars and leads. They'll last a life time. Long lines and training leads also help with your dog walking.

Toy recommendations

Have a look here for our toy recomendations for

If you want to let your dog off the lead in the dark, or even just make sure you can find them in your garden at night, then a flashing dog collar is a must. Our best seller is the canac flashing dog collar/lite.

It's the law!

  • All dogs should wear a dog tag. Pawsabilty dog tags can be printed on both sides, so there's lots of room for all the essential information
  • You are obliged to pick up your dogs poo, so don't be without poo bio-degradable poo bags.

Top Seller : Chocolate flavoured nylon bones.

Top Seller : CANAC Flashing Dog Collars

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