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Stop Dogs Pulling

Teaching your dog to stop pulling has to be one of the most common dog training problems. Using a Gentle Leader or Halti helps you progress more quickly with your training.

Dog Training Aids -Stop Pulling

gentle leader
gentle leader harness

Stop Dogs Barking

There are many times when a dog training aid like the husher helps to just curb the barking and help the training proceed.

Dog Training Aids - Stop Barking

husher stops barking

The Benefits of Dog Training Aids:

Some people feel like they're giving up if they're tempted to use dog training aids. Some think if you need to use a stop pulling harness then the dog's won! Please please don't think like that. Expert trainers and behaviourists have invested lots of time and effort (and had fun no doubt) inventing new things to help to make the life of the pet owner easier. Here's the thing though. Preventing a problem happening in the first place it the best way to be able to teach something. You're then not fighting against bad habits. If the bad habits have already formed then again, you don't want to be fighting a losing battle. So, using a training aid like a harness to stop pulling or a long training line to prevent your dog running off whilst recall training, is the intelligent, sensible approach. And then, using clicker training then helps to really accelerate the dogs learning process.

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Clicker Training for Dogs

Helps to speed up your dog training on puppy training. We're all short of time these days, so why not get it right 1st time.

Dog Training Aids - Clickers

clickers with wrist loop and retractable line
whizz click
clix treat pouches

Dog Recall Training

Getting your dog to come to you when called is one of the most important things in your dog training or puppy training program - Using long training lines helps in the training process because you can safely train at a distance whilst stopping your dog running off.

Dog training whistles work by simply being a different sound that the dog learns to associate with good things.

Dog Training Aids - Recall Training

long training lines
dog training whistle - silent

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