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Fireworks fear in dogs or puppies is so sad. We want to cuddle them and make them feel better, but we're told that that's just as likely to make them feel worse. Fortunately, there are many solutions available to help puppies and dogs overcome fireworks fear. Generally if a dog is scared of fireworks, then they'll become scared of other noises too like thunder or gun shots. The selection of products and ideas here help with all of those noise fear problems.

For more help with your dogs fireworks fears, please look at our - here - for how to help your dog with fireworks fear.

To buy desensitisation CD's or Lullaby CD's, DAPs or Thundershirts, Please click on the pictures below

Fireworks Fears noise desensitisation CDs -

These work by gently helping your dog cope with the noise of fireworks. Each comes with full instructions

fireworks desensitisation cd
clix noise desensitisation cd
DAPS - dog appeasing pheromones

or pheromone therapy works by helping your dog or puppy to feel as if they're snuggled up with their mum and littermates.

DAP's have recently changed to be called Adaptil.

DAP plug in
DAP Spray
DAP collar
The Lullaby CD

- well how does this work? Basically you play the calming heartbeat and lullaby music regularly, when your dog or puppy is calm. Them they associate the music with being calm. So when you play it during fireworks, your dog is already conditioned into feelins calm

canine lullaby cd

The Thundershirt

This is the newest training aid to help your dog or puppy be calm at fireworks time. It helps your dog feel more secure, safe and calm during scary or exciting times.

thunder shirt for dogs

Fireworks Books

This booklet is great - very well written with clear and simple explanations to help you really get to grips with why your dog behaves the way they do with fireworks, and what to do about it.

fear of fireworks in dogs book

Please do deal with your dog's fireworks problems as soon as you can. There's no need to just get through each fireworks season and dread the next. Each year it's likely to get worse. So, please do help your do to cope with fireworks now.
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