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Diet and Nutrition are exceptionally important for your pet - not only for physical health and well being, but also with respect to how they feel mentally - think about all the info in the press about diet for kids at school - well, the "E" numbers can be just as important for your dog (or cat... or any other pet). If you're having problems with your pet - whether they're having difficulty learning, or have behavioural problems, it may be worthwhile having a look at a new diet.
See additional notes .....
luaths dig food

Luaths Dog food is a highly recommended all natural dog food made by an independant Scottish Company in Ayr, Scotland.

The complete kibble food - Luath Holistic Nutrition for dogs comes in both chicken and Lamb. Containing a remarkeable range of complementary foods for optimum health of your dog, including natures 'super food' Spirulina'.

We have found that many dogs who are "fussy" love this food.


We now sell Luaths dog food locally - so if you're in Ardgay or Bonar Bridge areas then please look at our luaths dog food page for more info

If your not in the IV24 area, then you're most welcome to come here for your food or if you're further afield, please go to Luaths web site at

The Natural Dog Food Company - All In One - is an excellent product. Its available in Lamb and Rice, Chicken and Rice, for adult dogs and Chicken and Rice for puppies.

It's a certified holistic dog food, containing everything your dog needs, steam cooked and naturally dried, in a tasty and convenient kibble form. BAHNM approved.

Please go to the company web site for more infobyclicking here

Some notes on dog food / canine nutrition....

  1. All dogs are different and even the best dogs foods may not suit all dogs. Most of the good dog food companies have great help desks - please do phone them. If you're at all concerned, then speak with your vet or a canine nutritionist.
  2. When changing your dogs food, take 5-10 days to change the food over - adding a small amount of the new food in with a reduced amount of the old food with each meal.
  3. Look at the Label - you get what you pay for ... mostly!!

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