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Dog Food

Many dogs can survive on anything, but sometimes, just like us, they need a health boost. Here we have recommendations for healthy dog food.

For help on how to choose your dog's food, please click here

Is your dog fat? For help, please click here


luaths dog food

Healthy Dog Teeth

Brushing your dogs teeth is really the only way to keep them with healthy happy teeth well into their old age. Start young, and get your puppy used to having their teeth cleaned.

Read more about how to keep your dogs teeth healthy here.

Keep your dogs teeth healthy with these products - with brushing their teeth or without brushing.

dog toothpaste and brush

Dog Grooming

Even short hairs dogs benefit from brushing. They love it and it's good for them.

We also have super absorbent towels - a must for winter and for washing.

Have look at our dog grooming products here

dog brush

Tick Removal

It's really important to remove ticks from your dog as soon as possible. Having a tick removal tool thats easy to use, and safe is an essential tool to carry about with you.

Have a look at our dog tick removal tools here.

tick removal hook

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