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Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harnesses (Premier and Pet Safe)
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Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harnesses (Premier and Pet Safe)
£9 - 18.00
Size and Colours: Petite to Extra Large - Black, Red or Purple
Colour (non sale items)
This is also called the Premier Harness, or Easy Walk Harness.
These types of harness work by giving you control of the front of the dog - steering from the front.
When they pull, they have nothing to pull against and are turned to face you. It's easy to fit onto the dog, as you fit it over the head and clip under the body - so no need to get the dog to step in.

Please choose Colour - Red, Black or Purple. Each has a contrasting colour so that you can tell top from bottom. Size - please select your size carefully by measuring your dog's girth.

SALE - Selected Size/Colours only £9

Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harnesses (Premier and Pet Safe)Size Guide

Halti Harness
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Halti Harness
Size and Colours: Sm, Med, Large - Red and Black
The Halti Harness stops your dog pulling, simply by giving them nothing to pull against. Generally you'll find that connecting a normal lead at the front will be sufficient. However, if your dog lunges or is rather strong, then it can help to use a double lead - giving you reins for your dog. Have a look at the Canac Double training lead. Please note too that the harness also needs to be attached to a normal flat dog collar

Halti HarnessSize Guide

Trixie Professional Easy Walk Harness
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Trixie Professional Easy Walk Harness
£7.45 - 11.15
Size and Colours: Small-Extra Large - Black+Silver
So sorry, this is no longer manufactured.
Sorry, the Trixie Easy Walk Harness is no longer manufactured.

Please look at the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness, which is exactly the same design

Trixie Professional Easy Walk HarnessSize Guide

Can't decide? For an excellent review and comparison on dog harnesses and head collars, please do to

And please see our free dog training notes: how to stop a dog pulling

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