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Puppy Shop

The Puppy pet shop is packed with things to help with your puppy's training and problems that you might have as well as lots of fun toys to keep them out of mischief. Do please check out the main pet shop too - it's great fun to give puppies big toys - much laughter all round!!

Puppy chews

Puppies chew - it's a natural thing for them to do, so firstly we want to give them toys and chews that they can have fun with.

More puppy chews here....

puppy teething stick

puppy kongs

puppy chew toys
Stop Puppies biting you

Frequently the bitter tasting sprays can help with this too. More stop biting sprays here...

Stop Puppies Chewing

... and then we may need to use something to stop them chewing the wrong things. Bitter Apple is a great way to stop them chewing chair legs. More stop chewing sprays here...

bitter tasting stop chew spraybitter apple atop chew spray
More ways to stop puppies biting you....

Playing with your puppy is essential. But it's important that it is good quality play. Don't play with your puppy by letting them bite your hands - play with them with a big toy instead.

This is our favourite puppy toy - it's in the dog toys section... more here...

large puppy toy cross bone
Helping puppies to settle

If our puppy can't settle at night or is having trouble settling in their new home, then have a look at the various calming aids: DAPs (now Adaptil), Canine Lullaby CD's and Thundershirts can all help.

DAP plug in
thunder shirt to calm dogs
canine lullaby cd
Puppy House Training

Make sure you get your puppy toilet training correct from the start with our 7 P's to House Training Your Puppy booklet. Clean up with a proper puppy pee cleaner. And make sure to reward your puppy when they get it right.

puppy house training
Have Fun with Puppy Toys

A Great selection of cuddly, fetch and fun puppy toys

puppy wubbas

puppy bone toys

puppy pup plush toy
Puppy training

And ofcourse, puppy training is essential. Start getting your puppy used to a lead and collar early with this supe light weight lead and collar.

Puppy Lead,Collars
Puppy Starter Packs

We've gathered just the right selections in our puppy starter packs for house training, chewing and biting training, general training, and a bumpber fun pack.

Save oodles of money with our super saver puppy starter packs

If you have any problems with the shop, or are unsure of which product is best suited for your pet, then please do phone us or email us, and we'll be happy to help.

What clients say......
"Many, many thanks for the order which was received this afternoon ..... Your service puts to shame many of the other companies I have ordered from."


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