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Anna provides modern, gentle, effective and reward based methods can help with all sorts of behaviour problems:

  • puppy and dog aggression, snapping or nipping
  • stopping your dog barking
  • stopping your dog chasing traffic
  • separation issues, toileting issues, being destructive
  • light chasing
  • fireworks fear, and other phobias
  • jumping and recall problems
  • and more....

Anna says... Your dog is special to you and a lovely, living breathing, emotional individual to me. There are no standard behaviour programmes - it's about your unique family and your very special dog. My aim is to help you and your pet be happy with life.

What is dog behaviour therapy? Modern applied dog behaviour therapy is about getting to the root of your dog's problems, holistically. There's no point in just looking at 1 particular aspect of your dog's barking problem. It's necessary to look at the big picture and consider everything your dog is having difficulty with. Your behaviourist develops a step by step plan that essentially helps your dog feel better in all the situations that are causing problems. Behaviour therapy goes beyond just training, to deal with the reasons that your dog has difficulty with learning. Read more about how Anna's dog behaviour help works here.

Who will be helping your dog? Our qualified dog behaviourist is Anna Patfield. Anna has been fixing dogs' behaviour problems since 2003 and has worked with all sorts of problems from biting to fireworks fear and separation problems.

What are my options?

Dog behaviour help1-1 Dog Behaviour Help

To book an appointment, or just to have a chat, please call us. If we're going ahead, then, we set up an appointment. Anna will explain about vet referral and will send this and a questionnaire to you. This is about your dog's life and problems (again, don't worry it's not hard to fill in and it's short). Then

  • we meet for about 2 hours,
  • help you to understand why things are going wrong and
  • what it is that you need to do about it and
  • how to move forward by yourself.

It's about educating you and about helping you to really understand your dog's behaviour problems, so that you're able to work on your own.

Of course, on going support is provided as part of the package. Please read more about dog behaviourist consultations here.

Dog behaviour helpWorkshops

These small interactive workshops

  • give you the chance to share your problems with others
  • help you to understand why your dog is having problems
  • and help you to devise your own behaviour programme
  • and save you some money too!

No dogs here - just people! - we need to be able to conerntrate without distractions.....

The workshops run in on an adhoc basis in various locations. Please click here for more information on upcoming workshops, and Reactive Dog News

Dog behaviour helpHelp via the 'dog and bone':

We can also help you start your dog's behaviour therapy program THROUGHOUT THE UK. This service was started to help people living in the rural highlands, but can also serve as an excellent starting point.

Having a behaviour chat can resolve your confusions on the different dog behaviour methods, and ensure you don't make mistakes.

Again, this is educational, helpig you to fully understand the problems your dog is facing and helping you to build your own behaviour programme.

Find out whether phone help is right for you > Behaviour Help by Phone

Our process is about your dog behaviour education. Once you understand what's going on, then you're more able to work on that by yourself. It's a logical, step wise process to get you on the right track. You'll soon see the benefits and be able to then continue on by yourself.
Where - Dog Behaviour Locations?

The Pawsability Dog Behaviour Centre is in Argday (Bonar Bridge) (IV24), which is near Tain and Lairg, and 35 miles from Inverness. Home visits are available in

  • Inverness, Dingwall, Beauly, Strathpeffer, Evanton, Alness, Invergordon, Rogart, Ardgay, Bonar Bridge, Edderton, Alness, Invergordon and Beauly
  • And further up the A9 to Dornoch, Tain, Golspie, Brora and Rogart
  • (and we've actually travelled to the North and West Coasts to help folks too)

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions please see here

Sorry we no longer work in the Aberdeen area, please
click HERE for Aberdeen behaviour help



About Dominance : Please do not try to dominate or pin your dog or show him who's boss and please do not use any form of shock collar - these methods are outdated and frequently make your dog's behaviour problems worse. Most problems are rooted in fear. It's important to get to the root of the cause and help your dog cope better with whatever is bothering them. We stopped hitting children many moons ago - why punish your dog? (If you want to chat about that, please feel free to book a phone behaviour chat)
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For dog behaviour consultations throughout the UK, please look at

for a professionally qualified behaviourist.

coape association behaviour practitionerAnna is a CAPBT Practitioner and Mentor.
For dog behaviour consultations throughout the UK, please
look at for a professionally qualified behaviourist
Anna is a Dog Behaviourist AND Dog Trainer. Read why that's important here


the good dog diet bookAnna has a solid understanding of how a dog's diet can possibly affect their behaviour. This topic has been fully covered in Anna's wee book The Good Dog Diet
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